Solar Spectrum Transmission Meter(태양 스펙트럼 측정기)

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Tell The Whole Story Of Your Window Film's Performance

The MTR-SS2450 uses patented optics that are capable of replicating almost the entire solar spectrum through the Near Infrared
region and displays this performance with six performance metrics: 

  • UV Transmission
  • Visible Light Transmission
  • Infrared Transmission (900 to 1000nm)
  • Infrared Transmission (780 to 1700nm+)
  • Overall Solar Transmission
  • Damage Weight Coefficient

Other meters on the market today do not have the capability of measuring as much of the solar spectrum range
as the SS2450 instrument.

•Patented technology that effectively re-creates the solar spectrum
•Values calculated to three separate standards (user selectable)
•Two infrared ranges: narrow plus fuller spectrum to 1700nm+
•True Photopic Visible Light Transmittance (VLT)
•Full spectrum results in extremely accurate Solar Transmission & VLT values
•Damage Weight values to show protection of furnishings
•Single, double or triple glaze testing easily accomplished
•Test sample width up to 2” thick with a sash/spacer depth up to 1.10”
•No additional light sources needed
•Auto-calibration at start-up
•Battery operated: no power cord required
•Automatic power-off feature for extended battery life
•Replace Battery Indicator
•Continuous measurements
•Convenient push-on/push-off membrane style power switch


이 측정기의 가장 큰 장점은 태양에너지중 열(적외선)을 내는 구간을 광범위하게 측정 할 수있으며

유리에 시공 되있는 필름까지 측정 가능합니다.​

Infrared Transmission (900 to 1000nm) - 보통 시중에 있는 테스터기에서 측정하는 구간.


Infrared Transmission (780 to 1700nm+)


아래 스팩트럼 그래프를 보시면 자외선,가시광선,적외선 구간이 있습니다.

이 측정기는 모두 한번에 측정이 가능하며 위에서 말씀드렸던

광범위한 적외선 구간을 측정이 가능하여 특정 구간만 측정한 기계보다 더 정확합니다.